THC Mushroom Chocolate + Lion’s Mane & Cordyceps


NOTE: Due to warming summer weather, there is a risk of the chocolate melting slightly during shipping.

Vegan & Gluten-Free

1 g of lion’s mane and 1 g cordyceps / serving and 24 g total mushrooms /
bar making this a therapeutic serving of mushrooms in each serving size,
which is uncommon.
4 mg hemp-derived THC / serving and 48 mg THC / bar

Ingredients: organic cacao beans, organic sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic
lion’s mane, organic cordyceps

Suggested use: supports productivity | focus | memory

Tasting notes: hints of plum, molasses, spice

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The artisan, bean to bar chocolates are a collaboration with Carobean. Together, these two women-owned, MN businesses came together to offer an ethically-sourced, high-quality chocolate experience that is unlike anything else on the market. There are three types of direct trade chocolates with various cannabinoids, two with mushrooms. Each is made in a hexagon, polycarbonate mold with raised triangular wedges resembling a flower. They are truly a beauty to behold.

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