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High End Confections

We are a woman-owned, chef-driven edibles company located in St. Paul, Minnesota. We make high-quality edible confections (food products containing CBD, THC, and other functional ingredients) suited to specific diet types, including gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, and low-sugar.

We also try to be as social-minded as we can be as a company. There are no hierarchies in job positions, and we are very conscious about where our products come from, and where they end up: We use locally-made products, eco-friendly packaging, and organic ingredients whenever possible.

I loved these! Such a nice mellow mind high and smooth body high.
I loved the flavor as well! Not too too sweet!

Hope L

I had the opportunity to try the honey drops while stopping in at a vintage shop where they were doing edible tastings/samples. I consumed it both ways. I ate it, and then had it with hot water. The taste is amazing and you don’t get that bitter aftertaste you can sometimes get when dealing with Delta-9. I’m so excited to melt these into a cup of tea. They made me me feel relaxed with a pretty nice buzz. I will be recommending this to my friends!

Sam Clausen

I was lucky enough to meet Ranelle this evening and try a variety of her products. The flavor in these gummies is the best I’ve had. The pineapple is delicious!

Kelly Marinello