12-Pack Case CBG/CBD Hibiscus Honey Drops


Contains: 1 case of 12 containers of honey drops with 10 pieces per container.

Serving size: 1 honey drop 20 mg CBD full spectrum + 5 mg CBG

Servings per container: 10 honey drops, 200 mg CBD full spectrum + 50 mg
mg CBG

Ingredients: honey, monk fruit sweetener (erythritol), hibiscus, MCT oil

Gluten free

Made with local Ames Farm honey

Suggested use/consumption: Chew or dissolve in hot liquid at any point in the day or evening. Use in your tea, hot toddy, or plain water for the perfect hot drink!

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This line of honey drops is designed to help with inflammation in the gut and body while also uplifting. CBG is a minor cannabinoid to help with these ailments and is paired with full spectrum CBD to create a synergist effect making the two work better together. Full spectrum CBD contains all the naturally occurring cannabis plant compounds and may help with stress, anxiety, and inflammation.




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